Human Fall Flat is the funniest multiplayer puzzle game around

Ragdoll physics, eight player co-op multiplayer, and plenty of potential for disaster combine in Human Fall Flat's newest multiplayer update

Human Fall Flat is the funniest multiplayer puzzle game around
7th September, 2018 By Ian Morris

Just add multiplayer - and remove bones. That may as well be Human Fall Flat's motto. Developed by a one man studio in Lithuania, the game that marries Octodad's oddly awkward wobblyness with Portal's physics based puzzles has recently been given a multiplayer patch courtesy of Sheffield based Sumo Digital. And if you thought a physics based puzzler would be better with friends... well, you'd be damn right.

Set in a simple, low-polygon world where all you have to do is figure out how to reach the exit, Human Fall Flat is a game of see-saws, swings, narrow bridges and switches, which you'll need to navigate using only two things - your hands. Even then, you don't really have full control over them, able to stretch out your left or right hand out using the triggers, and hold them either up or down by looking up or down with the camera. Oh, and you can collapse into a ragdoll at the touch of a button, too.

Essentially, this new multiplayer patch lets you play through the game's same eight "dreamscape" worlds - only this time, with up to seven friends in tow. That's right - none of this "four player co-op is enough" bumph here - in Human Fall Flat, eight player co-op is the order of the day, and things are every bit as crazy as you might expect.

Though there aren't technically any new levels here, as the worlds you'll be playing through with your friends are exactly the same as you could take on on your own, you'd be surprised at how much of a difference it makes bringing some friends along - and not just because of the inevitable brawls that break out. (Note, most of the images below are actually videos. You may have to click them to make them play on mobile though).

Actually, solving levels as a team always makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. You can help each other out, like good Samaritans

Or at least, you can try to

Sometimes, you might even end up helping each other in unusual ways...

Still, it's nothing if not a learning process. You can discover new and unconventional ways of doing everyday things - like carrying objects

And sure, sometimes finding your footing can be hard going when you're just starting out...

And even the very best plans sometimes go horribly wrong

But you're always there for each other, really.

Or at least, you try to be.

Even if things can get a little heated, from time to time...

As you can probably tell from the GIF apocalypse above, Human Fall Flat is a lot of fun, especially as it's one of the only games that actually supports eight player co-op (did we mention it does two player split-screen too?). We spent the vast majority of our time with the game in absolute tears of laughter, as there was always something bizarre going on, whether deliberate or otherwise. However, at £11.99, it's also a pretty pricey ask - especially if you want to get a load of friends in on the fun. Though you could have got on the bandwagon for a fiver if we'd managed to get our act together and tell you about it in time (sorry...), it's well worth watching out for the next time it's in the sale, as with a few friends in tow, you can't go far wrong with Human Fall Flat.

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