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Which Mario man is your future husband?
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quiz: Can you finish all of Ada Laird's Lines?
Which Worms weapon are you most likely to self-destruct with?
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Quiz: How well can you remember Gruntilda's poetry?
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Which Animal Crossing Character Are You?
Quiz: Video game viruses
How many video game-related Star Wars ships can you name?
Quiz: Is it a PS5, or an oscillating tower fan?
Can you match the old Intellivision games to their Amico remakes?
Can you guess the game from the Google Translated game titles?
How many Harry Potter characters can you name from their PS1 renditions?
Can you guess the Nintendo character from their facial hair?
Can you guess the classic Tomb Raider game only by Lara's butt?
Can you name all of Bowser's Koopalings?
Who's That Pokemon - Pink Blob Edition
Which Animal Crossing villager type are you?
The Sims Trivia Quiz: Part I
QUIZ: Which Gaming Dad Are You?
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