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'Tis the season to be creepy

Quiz How many of these spooky Pokemon can you name  Quiz
23rd October, 2020 By Sarah Morris

Pokemon may not be the first game you think of when it comes to Halloween - after all, it's not exactly a horror game - but the more you think about it, the better it works. It has ghosts, demons and other nefarious creatures - and some pretty creepy Pokedex entries to boot. Just look at Yamask, a Pokemon that carries a mask of its once-human face, or the cute Cubones that wear their deceased mothers' skulls. And let's not even get started on Detective Pikachu...

For this quiz, we've rounded up ten of the creepiest, Halloween-appropriate 'mons we could find in what is probably a fairly subjective themed quiz. And if you fancy a quick refresher - or just want some more Halloween-themed Pokemon goodness, why not check out our picks of the creepiest Pokemon of all time too? For now though, get ready to prove you're the Halloween Pokemon master!

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Who's That Pokemon? Halloween Edition
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Who's That Pokemon? Halloween Edition

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Let's start with an easy one! The longer you look at this demented guy, the worse it gets...


According to its Pokedex entry, this Pokemon has been known to carry away children.


Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween - but which of these Pokemon is shaped like one?


This ghostly Pokemon is a favourite from the original games - but what is it called?


This legendary Pokemon is the stuff of nightmares - at least according to its Pokedex entry, anyway!


A fairly new face, this little guy is certainly a good contender for a Halloween Pokemon!


You wouldn't want to see this avian 'mon's glowing red eyes in a dark alley…


Because it wouldn't be a Halloween-themed quiz without at least one witchy Pokemon!


This creepy 'mon likes to fuel itself on the spirits of the recently deceased.


Finally, this 'mon's not so much scary as a pro at dressing up…

Who's That Pokemon? Halloween Edition
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