New 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition Comparison Gallery

We get up close and personal with Nintendo's new bigger system

New 3DS XL Majoras Mask Edition Comparison Gallery
12th February, 2015 By Mia Cruddas

Nintendo Fans! We here at Everybody Plays towers (by which I mean, I) have been lucky enough to snag ourselves the Majora's Mask Edition of the New 3DS Console before its launch tomorrow, and we have a cavalcade of  pictures for you to check out below.

For those of you not in the know, the Majora's Mask Edition of the New 3DS XL stirred up a little controversy. Not only is it pretty much impossible to find (having sold out within the first few hours it was on sale), but it was also only available online via Nintendo's official UK store, shutting out brick and mortar stores (like GAME) completely. This meant you had to be pretty lucky to grab hold of one - and pay a pretty penny.

As this console is a special edition release, we don't expect Nintendo to produce any more (they usually don't). And unfortunately the only way you can get one of these systems now is via online resellers, who naturally have jacked up the prices, adding £100 to £200 or more onto the standard retail price. Completely egregious if you ask us.

 For those of you just interested in the new system, and what it looks like, you're in luck, as we've done the only reasonable thing anyone who's just bought a brand new console and got it a day early would do - taken loads of gorgeous photos of it to plaster over the net. Check out the candids below, including some showing how the New 3DS XL stacks up against its older brother - the standard 3DS XL.  

Even the box is pretty, but what's inside is the exciting part.

Majora's Mask 3D comes pre-Installed on the system. Making system transfers a nightmare.


A closer look at the details. Featuring Majora's Mask, and more Zelda familiars, this console is gorgeous.

The top of the system is a little different this time. Featuring extra shoulder buttons, no more cartridge slot & additional holes for a wrist strap (we'll probably use it for tiny figurines! :D )

The Game Cartridge Slot, Power Button & Stylus are now at the bottom of the system. 

A look inside reveals the systems redesign. Notice that the home button is now clickable, the start/select buttons have been re-positioned and the New C-Stick.

Audio changes! The volume slider has a new home next to the redesigned speakers.

The biggest addition is the brand new C-Stick. Should be a game changer. No SNES themed buttons here unfortunately :(

It's a fantastic looking piece of tech, but how does it compare to the original XL?

The new system is less rounded and a little sturdier.

Gold is a Zelda trademark, unfortunately the new system is a glossy fingerprint magnet.

How the systems stack up against each other. The new system is a tad larger and heavier.

Surprisingly the New 3DS design is much cleaner, and feels a lot less blingy.

But that wasn't all. Ordering the new system from Nintendo also netted you a special bonus. A Skull Kid Figurine (which we were all hoping would be an amiibo).

Behold Skull Kid, in all his glory!

The figure is pretty detailed. Sporting the same pose from promotional artwork.

He's also a big one! Much larger than your standard amiibo.

Up close and personal. Beware the dark powers of Majora's Mask.

Well worth picking up this package if you get the chance.

As you'd likely expect, the Majora's Mask Special Edition console comes bundled with a copy of the game pre-installed on the system. But those of you with older systems with data to transfer fear not, as Nintendo have some comforting words for you.

"If you choose to delete the content off the SDHC Card or microSDHC card, such as during a system transfer, the pre-installed game will be available for re-download from the target system's Nintendo eShop after the transfer has been completed." - Nintendo Support

For more information on the New 3DS be sure to check out our Ambassador Edition New 3DS Comparison Gallery, and for a pictorial (and more friendly) guide to the transfer, check out our in depth 3DS System Transfer How To Guide. So that's all we have on the New 3DS XL ahead of its launch tomorrow. Expect a review of Majora's Mask in the coming weeks. Until then, we want to know will you be upgrading to the New 3DS or New 3DS XL? Let us know in the comments below.

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