WIN: 5x Warface Collector's Early Access Packs

Get early access to the free-to-play shooter, and load up your arsenal with some tasty firearms in our competition

WIN 5x Warface Collectors Early Access Packs
20th August, 2018 By Ian Morris

If a free-to-play, five player co-op first person shooter with a constantly updating storyline sounds like your sort of thing, then you may be interested to know that Warface - a game that ticks all those boxes - will be launching officially on PS4 on 14th September.

Brought to you by - the team that previously released Armored Warfare, a game that's much the same concept, only with tanks instead of people - we're promised a series of regular updates for the game, stretching all the way into 2019. With a variety of "PvE" modes that let you and a few friends take on teams of computer controlled opponents, and a whole host of PvP offerings that let you take on the world's best - think Plant the Bomb, and (sigh...) a battle royale mode - if you want to get a head start on the competition, you can actually buy your way in now, with a variety of packs ranging from £19.99 to £61.99. Or, thanks to the kind folks at, you can enter our competition to win your way in instead.

We have 5 of Warface Collector's Early Access Packs to give away, each of which would set you back £61.99 on the Playstation Store. Compatible with EU regions only, the Collector's Early Access pack bundles a range of firearms, knives and skins, letting you stand out on the battlefield.

In total, the pack includes:

  • FN SCAR-H assault rifle and its golden variant
  • Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro shotgun and its golden variant
  • Magpul FMG-9 and its golden variant
  • Remington R11 RSASS sniper rifle and its golden variant
  • CZ-75 handgun and its golden variant
  • Jagdkommando combat knife
  • Paragon Squad skin set for all classes
  • 1500 Kredits

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is:

WIN: 5x Warface Collector's Early Access Pack

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