Does the LEGO Marvel's Avengers ending confirm the next LEGO game?

Ain't no mountain high enough, come and get your LEGO love - hey, what's the matter with ya? Minor spoilers ahead!

Does the LEGO Marvels Avengers ending confirm the next LEGO game
28th January, 2016 By Ian Morris

While the long wait for LEGO Marvel's Avengers is almost over in the UK and Europe, with the game set to hit shelves this Friday, those lucky folks across the pond actually got their hands on the latest slice of co-op LEGO fun earlier this week, with the game's US launch having happened on Tuesday.

As you'd likely expect, what this means in practice is that plenty of people out there have already gone the whole hog, and have finished the levels based on the first Avengers film. So far, so normal - but LEGO Marvel games are a little bit special, in that, much like the films, they usually have a little snippet at the end, teasing the next game project. And LEGO Marvel's Avengers is no different.


After finishing the game's story mode (or at least, the bits based on the first Avengers film), after the end credits roll, you'll be treated to a very short cutscene featuring a rather familiar face, and an equally familiar walkman. 

Ooga chaka ooga ooga ooga!

Yes, this is Guardians of the Galaxy baddie Thanos, who's seemingly nicked Star Lord's walkman to have a listen for himself (Star Lord will not be pleased). LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy confirmed as the next LEGO game? It seems as good as guaranteed - which makes us very excited indeed!

If you're a regular reader of the site, this news should probably come as no surprise to you, seeing as we broke/strongly hinted at LEGO Guardians being the next game based on our interview with Stephen Sharples, assistant game director at TT Games on LEGO Marvel's Avengers, whose answer kind of gave the game away - or at least strongly hinted - that Star Lord, Drax, Groot, Gamora and Rocket Racoon would be the next to get a plastic make over. LEGO do also own the Guardians of the Galaxy license, having already released a pretty awesome kit based on the Milano. And, as if you needed further proof that a LEGO Guardians game could be in the works, there's actually already a minigame online, on the official LEGO website.

In fact, only a few questions remain. With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 not due out until 2017, is there enough content in one film to turn it into a traditionally LEGO sized game (read: huge), or will LEGO Guardians draw on the TV show and comic books too? Will it be a pure Guardians game, or perhaps another Marvel game with an original storyline, just mostly focussed on the Guardians (after all, Thanos isn't an exclusively Guardians related baddie). And, perhaps most importantly, will it have that soundtrack? Only time will tell - but in the mean time, we're already hooked on an (excited) feeling!

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