Parent's Guide: Underground - Age rating, mature content and difficulty

Parents Guide Underground Age rating mature content and difficulty
10th February, 2015 By Mia Cruddas
Game Info // Underground
Underground Boxart
Publisher: Grendel Games
Developer: Grendel Games
Players: 1
Available On: Wii U
Genre: Puzzle (Mazes)
Everybody Plays Ability Level
Content Rating
Violence and Gore: Cartoon, implied or minor
Bad Language: None
Sexual Content: None
Parent's Guide

In Underground the player takes the role of Sw4nk, a butler robot who was thrown away by its owners. Not happy with this situation (and who would be) Sw4nk decides he must escape the underground mine it finds itself trapped in, and free its robot brethren in the process. Sw4nk won't be alone however, having enlisted the help of a large mining vehicle/tool with two equally massive mechanical arms - and that's where you come in.

The game uses the Wii U GamePad to control the two large mechanical arms, with each being controlled by their own analogue stick. Using a top down view, these arms can interact with the environment in various ways to help players solve puzzles; from freeing trapped robots, to building bridges, or destroying stones that get in the way.

Each level comes with countless puzzles to be solved, with multiple paths to explore, obstacles to overcome, and robots to save. Players will have to think about the best way of making sure every robot reaches the exit without accidentally losing or destroying them. This means gathering resources, and building routes to the exit while avoiding enemies and environmental threats.

Most initial levels can be completed without too much trouble, and there are no penalties for failure (other than having to restart). There are even optional collectibles to pick-up for those who want more of a challenge. However, the difficulty soon ramps up, which can often result in you losing robots along the way - and even though not all robots are required to progress, it is possible to fail the level if you lose them all. Later levels may prove to be too difficult for younger or generally inexperienced players, and the (sometimes awkward) controls can take some getting used to - in fact, the game was originally envisioned as a tool to train laparoscopic surgeons.

Still, with a major focus on improving your hand eye co-ordination, depth perception, and problem solving, Underground is a game probably best suited to the older children, and those that like their games with a slow pace and full of puzzles.

Mature Content

With cartoon-esque presentation, there's little for parents to worry about here. With no dialogue (and so no bad language), no blood or gore in sight (as all characters are robots), and no sex, there's no mature content here at all.

Age Ratings

We Say
Violence and Gore:
Cartoon, implied or minor
Bad Language:
Sexual Content:

Format Reviewed: Nintendo Wii U

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