How well do you remember the GameCube's launch titles? | Quiz

Do you know your Luigi's Mansion from your Super Monkey Ball? Take this quiz to find out!

How well do you remember the GameCubes launch titles  Quiz
3rd September, 2020 By Sarah Morris

Maybe it's a sign we're getting older, but we're feeling a bit nostalgic today. With new consoles on the horizon, we can't help casting our minds back to the console launches of years gone by - and there are few consoles we remember as fondly as Nintendo's GameCube. Many a Sunday afternoon was spent with everyone huddled round the purple cube, repeatedly destroying that poor Koopa's Kabana on Mario Party 4, or seeing quite how badly I can lose at Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Whether it was Donkey Kong and his bongos, backstage wrestling matches, or competing for the best (or should that be worst?) wipeouts on Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2, the GameCube was the console for multiplayer fun.

But we digress. While it may have taken what felt like an age to finally launch in Europe, it did come with a pretty solid stable of launch titles too. But how well can you remember the console's 2001 launch line up? While our questions here are based around the European launch, the US line-up wasn't that dissimilar, so our friends across the pond should be good to go here too!

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Quiz: Can you remember the GameCube's launch titles?
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Quiz: Quiz: Can you remember the GameCube's launch titles? icon

Quiz: Can you remember the GameCube's launch titles?

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Let's start with an easy one. Which of these first party Nintendo games was the best-selling launch title?


Which of these extreme sports games did NOT hit the GameCube on launch day?


Donald Duck hit the Nintendo GameCube at launch in which of these platforming adventures?


Which of these sports games hit the GameCube on the 3rd May 2001?


Sonic Adventure 2: Battle hit European GameCubes on launch day. But what console did Sonic Adventure 2 originally launch on?


Which of these racing games was NOT a GameCube launch title?


Which of these launch games was a mini-game collection, generally regarded as one of the worst games ever made?


This launch title started life as an arcade game in 1999, before being ported to the GameCube - but what was its name?


Finally, in Japan the GameCube launched with just three titles. Which of these games was NOT one of them?

Quiz: Can you remember the GameCube's launch titles?
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