Quiz: Test your knowledge of the history of DiRT | Quiz

Codemasters' racing series is one of the all time greats - but how much can you remember about its origins?

Quiz Test your knowledge of the history of DiRT  Quiz
31st July, 2020 By Ian Morris

DiRT 5 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games of the year. With a feature list that reads more like something you'd dream up than reality - a dynamic weather system; real world locations that see you skid past Christ the Redeemer before barrel rolling under the Northern Lights; a fancy livery editor; free PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades; a variety of both traditional racing, and more objective based modes; and perhaps most impressively, a full on career mode with support for four-player split-screen co-op (!!) - DiRT 5 looks like a real return to its roots for the series, with a more arcadey, fun, DiRT 2 kind of vibe, as Codies more formally split the series into the serious DiRT Rally, and the fun-focused DiRT. 

But great racing games aren't built overnight, and DiRT is a series with one heck of a heritage, stretching back to the days of yore on the PS1. So come with us as we test your knowledge of the history of DiRT! Take our quiz to find out just how much you can remember about the games gone by, and you might win!


Thanks to our good friends at Codemasters, we have 3x copies of F1 2020 to give away on a format of your choice! Log in with Facebook and play the quiz below, and not only will you be entered into our regular monthly draw to win £/$/€20 of Xbox Live/PSN/eShop/Steam credit, but the top 3 ranking players on this quiz at the end of August will each bag a copy of F1 2020!

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Quiz: The History of DiRT
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Quiz: The History of DiRT

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DiRT wasn't always called DiRT. What prestigious series did it evolve from?


What year did the first Colin McRae Rally hit the PlayStation in the UK and Europe?


Which famous McRae car featured on the box for Colin McRae Rally 2.0?


How many Colin McRae Rally games were there before the series became Colin McRae DiRT?


Colin McRae DiRT was still a serious rally game - but which of these cars did it NOT feature?


DiRT 2 marked a real change of direction for the series - but which of these is NOT the name of a featured event?


Who welcomes the player to DiRT 2?


DiRT Showdown took the series in another different direction, adding what unique feature?


DiRT Rally brought the series to the current gen - but which of these countries hasn't got its own track in the game?


DiRT 5 sees the triumphant return of 4 player split-screen to the series. But what was the last game to have this feature?

Quiz: The History of DiRT
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