Which Mario man is your future husband? | Personality Quiz

From mushrooms to motorbikes, find out which of the Mushroom Kingdom dudes is your soulmate with this fun quiz!

Which Mario man is your future husband  Personality Quiz
7th July, 2020 By Sarah Morris

We imagine dating in the Mushroom Kingdom must be a bit awkward - after all, with only two eligible ladies (three if you include Rosalina, we suppose), both of which have been already been spoken for, it's all a bit of a sausage fest. Or mushroom fest, if you include Toad. Of course, to look it another way, it means being a lady looking for love in the land of mushrooms grants you an ample choice - but where do you even start? Is your type more of an everyday hero or an underappreciated bad boy? Why not take our quiz to find out!

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Which Mario Man Is Your Future Husband?
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Which Mario Man Is Your Future Husband?

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You're putting together your Tinder profile. How would you describe yourself?


It's time to meet him! Which of these would be your ideal first date?


Fast forward a few months, and you've had your first argument. What was it about?

Which Mario Man Is Your Future Husband?
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