WIN: Shovel Knight amiibo and games!

This is a biggie! Enter now for your chance to win a Shovel Knight amiibo and a copy of the game!

WIN Shovel Knight amiibo and games
15th December, 2015 By Ian Morris

We've run out of Christmas related puns to make now, but it doesn't matter, because the prizes just keep coming - and this is one of the highlights. We all know how incredibly rare some of Nintendo's interactive figure thingies - otherwise known as amiibos - can get, disappearing off shop shelves almost as soon as they've arrived, and Shovel Knight looks set to be yet another amiibo hot cake. Based off the titular character from the Shovel Knight game, we have a great prize to give away, including boxed copies of the retro themed platformer on 3DS, PS4 and Wii U - and the elusive amiibo itself!

Divvied up into three prizes, we're giving away a grand prize of the Shovel Knight amiibo and a copy of the game on a platform of your choosing, with two runner-up prizes of just the game itself!

To be in with a chance of winning, just fill in the form below and choose your method of entry! You can enter in as many ways as you like - and make sure you follow us on social media to stay in the loop with the rest of our competitions - and all the latest game news!

 Shovel Knight amiibo and games

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