How to download Victini in Pokemon Black & White

With the limited time Liberty Pass

How to download Victini in Pokemon Black & White
8th March, 2011 By Sarah Morris

Last week, we reported on how people who bought Pokemon Black & White within the first six weeks or so of it's release would be able to download the mythical Pokemon Victini. 

Victini is known as the Victory Pokemon, and is said to bring victory to its trainer - Lord knows I need the help if I'm ever to beat the second gym leader Lenora... Victini is the first Pokemon that's ever been a dual Psychic and Fire type, and has a special ability called Victory Star, which boosts the accuracy of itself and it's allies. Here's how you go about downloading him:

First of all, you'll need to set up the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on your DS - if you've never used your DS online before, Nintendo have a little guide to help with the set-up. Otherwise, you'll need to pick the Game Sync option on the start screen of the game, which transfers your previous Wi-Fi Connection settings to the new Pokemon Black & White cartridge. Next, scroll down to the Mystery Gift option on the menu, select Receive Gift, Get Via Nintendo WFC, and then choose the option to get the Liberty Pass. Your Liberty Pass - your key to getting Victini - will then download.

Next time you're in a Pokemon Centre, pop and have a chat with the deliveryman dressed in blue, who stands opposite the shop counter - he'll hand over your Liberty Pass. Depending on how far you are through the game, you might need to wait a bit before you get to use it to catch Victini - you'll need at least two gym badges before you can travel to Castelia City. Once you reach Castelia City, you'll need to head to the far left Pier - the appropriately named Liberty Pier - chat to the Captain and hop on the boat to Liberty Garden, where Victini lives. Bear in mind that it'll be easier to catch him if you lower his HP a fair bit before throwing your Poke Balls - don't worry if you accidentally make him faint either, as simply going out and re-entering the room should bring him back.

Victini is only available till the 22nd of April - so make sure you download him before it's too late! And make sure you keep checking back, as Nintendo do offer downloadable Pokemon quite regularly - and you wouldn't want to miss out on them, would you?

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