What's the difference between the Wii U Basic and Premium Bundles? Contents, price and feature comparison

Find out which package suits you for launch day

Whats the difference between the Wii U Basic and Premium Bundles Contents price and feature comparison
17th September, 2012 By Ian Morris

With Nintendo having recently announced the date their latest home console, the Wii U is set to be hitting these shores, it's time for the really tricky decisions to begin. With two different flavours of console on offer, the Basic, and Premium Wii U bundles, you'll have a decision on your hands when you come to pick up a Wii U - so we've broken down the differences, to help you decide which bundle's right for you. 

Wii U Basic Pack Price: £189.99 on Amazon, inc. Super Smash Bros Wii U
  • Wii U console (white)
  • Wii U GamePad (white)
  • 8 GB Storage (~3 GB Usable)
  • Wii U Power Adapter
  • GamePad Power Adapter
  • HDMI Cable
Wii U Premium PackPrice: £235 on Amazon inc. Mario Kart 8
  • Wii U console (black)
  • Wii U GamePad (black)
  • 32 GB Storage (~27 GB usable)*
  • Wii U GamePad Cradle
  • Wii U GamePad Stand
  • Wii U Console Stand
  • Wii U Power Adapter
  • GamePad Power Adapter
  • Sensor Bar
  • HDMI Cable
  • Nintendo Land
  • Nintendo Network Premium

As you can probably guess from the name alone, the Basic pack does it what it says on the tin, as it contains the bare minimum you'll need to get your Wii U up and running - or in some cases, actually not quite enough. Coming without a sensor bar, the Wii U Basic pack isn't compatible with the Wii Remote out of the box - although if you own a Wii, you'll be able to use the same sensor bar with your Wii U. It's worth remembering that neither pack includes a Wii Remote - but, much like the sensor bar, you can always use your old Wii Remotes with the Wii U.

As you can see from the list above, though, it appears the Premium Bundle is the clear winner from a value proposition. With the Basic (at the time of writing) priced at around £250, and the Premium at £300, you seem to get an awful lot of extra stuff for your fifty notes. Arguably the most significant addition is Nintendo Land, the Wii U's answer to Wii Sports, as a bundle of minigames that make use of the console's new controller, which is bound to provide hours on end of multiplayer fun. Oddly, the pack includes both a GamePad stand, and a GamePad cradle, which seems like a bit of overkill, as the cradle serves exactly the same purpose as the stand, only with the added bonus of charging your GamePad while you wait.

The only other big additions are the increase in storage space (a whopping 32 GB, roughly 28 GB of which is usable, after performing the initial system update), and the inclusion of Nintendo Network Premium, an interesting sounding discount scheme that sadly isn't as generous as it initially seemed. Running for around two years, you'll earn points for everything you buy from the Wii U's eShop, whether it's a downloadable game, some extra levels, or a new hat for one of your in game characters. Each pound you spend is worth 8 points, and when you've gathered up 500, you'll be able to claim a £5 voucher for use on the store. Sadly, that means you have to spend £62.50 to get a fiver back - which is quite a bit worse than the 10% we were initially offered.

No matter which bundle you pick up, though, the base offering remains the same. A Wii U console, the Wii U GamePad, and the ability to play a wide range of great games for everyone in your family.

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