LEGO City Undercover: Split-screen co-op and disguises shown off in new trailer

By which we mean disguises, and split-screen co-op. Split-screen disguises would be a bit awkward.

LEGO City Undercover Split-screen co-op and disguises shown off in new trailer
23rd February, 2017 By Ian Morris

Out of all the recent LEGO games, LEGO City Undercover has to be up there with our favourites. Originally a Wii U exclusive, LEGO City was a game that stood out for many reasons - and one that's stood the test of time pretty well. For starters, it was one of only a tiny handful of recent LEGO games that wasn't based on a film license - and it was also a very different type of LEGO game, with a huge, seamless open world to explore. You could do everything in LEGO City Undercover - jump wheelchairs off ramps with ridiculous slow motion; steal trains and crash them into innocent car drivers; and try on a number of great disguises, each of which gave you a special power.

With the Wii U now but a distant memory, forever consigned to being a somewhat underappreciated footnote in console history, Warner have decided that LEGO City Undercover deserves a second shot at reaching the audience it deserved - and as such, they're giving it a remake. Only this time, there's more than just graphical improvements. While the main game will still follow the tale of Chase McCain, a hot shot cop who's hot on the trail of a recently escaped dangerous criminal (or at least, he would be, were it not for his bungling buddy Frank Honey) it's also getting a number of major upgrades - not least of which is split-screen co-op.

While those who haven't played the original may be a bit surprised that this counts as an upgrade, LEGO City Undercover was actually the only console LEGO game in recent years to not support split-screen multiplayer. Whether it was due to the Wii U being a little bit underpowered, or the time constraints of making a launch window game (we'd wager it was the former), split-screen was something the game nevertheless missed out on - and was right at the very top of many people's most wanted features when the sequel was announced.

Unfortunately, there are no official screenshots of the game in circulation at the time of writing - and while we could get Sarah to knock up a few more of her quick works of art, as she did for LEGO Marvel on the PS Vita, the trailers should do the job of setting the scene just as well. Set for release on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 7th April, LEGO City Undercover is one we'll be keeping a close eye on - and we suggest you do too!

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