Little Big Planet 3 in currently in development?

Rumours suggest it's being made by a different team

Little Big Planet 3 in currently in development
8th February, 2013 By Sarah Morris

We're big fans of Sony's Little Big Planet series here at Everybody Plays - part cutesy platformer OCD colect-athon, part creation game with one of the most robust level editors we've ever seen - and a whole lot of fun to boot - the game's become something of a regular staple. Working with up to four friends, its up to you to guide your personalised sack boy through a whole host of brightly coloured levels - leaping chasms, racing cars and more - collecting up as many 'prizes' as you can as you figure out how to get to the finish. Each prize in turn rewards you with a different object or sticker you can then use to create your own levels, which can then be shared with a humongous online community - and if many of the custom levels we've played are anything to go by, a massively talented one too.

It has dinosaurs and everything.

So, it goes without saying that a new game in the Little Big Planet series would be very big news indeed - and if current rumours are to be believed, that could be exactly what's on the plate. The rumour doing the rounds at the moment suggests that a third Little Big Planet game is currently in development, although this time, by a different company, moving from the creators of the original Little Big Planet, Media Molecule, to Sheffield's Sumo Digital of Sonic All-Stars Racing fame. Generally known for their racing and tennis titles, moving across to a creativity-fuelled puzzle-platformer may seem like a bit of a jump, but given the quality of their recent output, we have faith in them.

But why might Sony have made the decision to switch the development across? The most likely reason for the switch is that long-term Little Big Planet creators Media Molecule are busy with their new PS Vita title, Tearaway - a portable paper world your fingers can tear through to operate switches, open doors and flick away enemies to help your little finger puppet character Iota through the levels. They may well also be pre-occupied with next generation plans, preparing something awesome to blow everyone's minds when the Playstation 4 is officially unveiled, which is rumoured to happen towards the end of this month. It's not even the first time Little Big Planet has been farmed out to a different developer - last year's Little Big Planet Karting and both portable iterations were all done by various studios in conjunction with Media Molecule. Sumo Digital were also responsible for the recent patch that let you use your Playstation Vita as a controller in Little Big Planet 2, so they're not really a stranger to the franchise.

With the Playstation 4 on the horizon - it's reveal may only be a fortnight away - we may find Little Big Planet 3 is one of those games making the leap across to the next generation. Or perhaps it'll be a final swansong to the Playstation 3, sending the console out on the right note. Whatever turns out to be the case, colour us excited sack boys and girls.

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