PopCap classics make their way to disk.

Bejeweled 2, Peggle, Feeding Frenzy and AstroPop make up the PopCap Collection

PopCap classics make their way to disk
11th February, 2011 By Sarah Morris

A few weeks after Christmas, the BBC did a feature on the Xbox 360's alleged unreliability following the launch of Kinect. With hundreds of thousands waking up to Kinect on Christmas morning, people soon started complaining of technical faults. And if 360s exploded at Kinect, can you imagine what putting in a disk made out of what can only be classed as 100%, refined, military grade Awesome is going to do to them?

Launching next Friday, the 18th, the PopCap Collection contains four of PopCap's greatest hits - Peggle, Feeding Frenzy, AstroPop and Bejeweled 2. Each one a casual classic in its own right, the games are the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Friday evening, with pick up and play gameplay that few companies could ever hope to rival.

Peggle Nights Screenshot

Bounce ball, bounce!

Offering more variety than many disk based games, each of the four titles in the collection is wildly different. Peggle presents you with a grid of pegs, and asks you to complete a simple task - all you have to do is take out all of the orange pegs, with ten balls. The problem is, you'll be firing the balls out of a small cannon at the top of the screen - and there are plenty of blue pegs getting in your way. Precision, and a decent knowledge of the principals of physics are helpful here.

Feeding Frenzy, on the other hand, is based around the food chain. As a small fish, it's up to you to eat as many smaller fish as possible, while avoiding the hungry jaws of the larger ones. Simple, but deceptively fun.

Astropop Screenshot

AstroPop - easier to play than it is to explain.

AstroPop, meanwhile, is a match-3 game with a difference. Rather than switching blocks around, or firing them at the top of the screen, you need to first pull the blocks down towards your little spaceship, before firing them back up the top again, with the intention of forming groups of three or more, horizontally or vertically.

Bejeweled 2, the Facebook sensation, however, likely needs little introduction. The match-3, jewel swapping behemoth has taken the internet by storm, with its simple-by-nature premise, and, with a sequel merely weeks away, there's never been a better time to dip in.

While purchased separately over Xbox Live, the games would set you back a combined total of £27.20, the disk version can be found for as little as £17.99 at retailers such as Amazon.

If you've missed out on the games before, or only have one of the collection, there's no longer any excuse. Buy it, now, and discover what you've been missing out on.

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