DSiWare Downloads 9/04/2010

Block busting, gameshow playing, Facebook grafittiing, retro action

DSiWare Downloads 9042010
12th April, 2010 By Ian Morris

Nintendo have certainly been doing a good job of keeping the DSiWare store updated lately, and this week is no different. With a hilarious application, some retro treats, and a TV tie in, there's certainly plenty to choose from this week - whether you've got a DSi, or a DSiXL.

NINTENDO DSiWare - AlphaBounce(Mad Monkey Studio, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)

AlphaBounce is a bit of a weird one. Taking the ball smashing fun of Breakout (basically single player Pong, with a view to destroying bricks), AlphaBounce adds elements more consistent with role playing games, offering you the chance to explore "an endless universe with millions of levels".

NINTENDO DSiWare - Faceez(Neko Entertainment, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

Using your own face (or your friends faces) as a canvas, Faceez lets you grafitti, and then animate your "faceez". With the DSi's Facebook connectivity, you can even upload the finish product to your facebook page, and embarrass your friends on a global scale!

NINTENDO DSiWare - The Price is Right(Ludia, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)

Disappointingly devoid of old Brucey, this miniature gameshow experience is instead based on the American Bob Barker version - although much of the specifics are the same. All you have to do is guess the price of the objects you're shown - get it right, and you'll earn points, prizes and more. "Come On Down!"

NINTENDO DSiWare - Game & Watch series

The Game & Watch games were a sort of spiritual precursor to the DS. Starting in 1980, the series consisted of a number of dual screen games, called Game & Watch because each unit consisted of a game, and a digital watch. Much less advanced than the LCD screens we have now, you played each game by simply "moving" a character to one of a number of pre-set places. There was no animation - it all worked kind of like the illusions you get at the illuminations, where you darken one part of the screen, and illuminate another to make it look like they were moving.

An accurate emulation on the DS, each download contains the original game, and a digital watch function. We've included the official Nintendo description of each one.

Game & Watch™ Manhole(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

Manhole is a hectic game in which you must plug holes in the street. Using only one manhole cover, move quickly from hole to hole, and hold the cover in place as the pedestrians cross. You lose a life for any people that fall into the sewer. Game B challenges you at a faster pace.

Game & Watch™ Vermin(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

In Vermin, take control of a gardener, protecting his plot from marauding moles. As the moles make their way towards you, move left and right to line yourself up to make a well-timed whack with your mallets and send the burrowers packing. In Game B, more moles will appear, making your life harder.

Game & Watch™ Helmet(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

In Helmet, you are a builder trying to make your way across a construction site to an office. Problem is, it's raining tools, and the office is sometimes locked. Try to make your way to safety by dodging the hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and other tools as they fall to the ground. Game B is harder, faster and there are more free-falling tools. 

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