Zumba Fitness 2 announced.

Dance away the pounds in the newly announced sequel

Zumba Fitness 2 announced
12th May, 2011 By Sarah Morris

The Zumba Fitness phenomenon has been taking the charts by storm, and bar a brief, two-week period where Portal 2 stole the limelight, Zumba Fitness has been at number one in the all formats chart for well over a month now, with over 80% of its total sales coming from the Wii. In fact, the last 'fitness'-type game to take the top spot was Wii Fit, back in 2009 - unless you count Just Dance, anyway.

It seems fitting then, that Majesco Entertainment have just announced Zumba Fitness 2 will be helping us warm up again in the coming winter months, as it sees its release on the Wii later this year, before hitting a yet-to-be-announced format in 2012. What could the mystery format be? With Wii 2 rumours floating round the internet the past few weeks, and Nintendo having already announced the console will be seeing an official unveiling at E3, it doesn't take Nostradamus to have a decent guess at what the as-yet-unannounced platform could be.

Zumba Fitness plays a lot like a much more energetic form of Just Dance, only this time, you wear a belt round your middle that the Wii Remote slips into. From there, it's up to you to shake your stuff to the hip-powered dance routines, matching the characters on screen. Zumba Fitness 2 will feature more than thirty tracks and over twenty different dance styles - from Salsa to Bellydance - as well the ability to dance with up to three friends. There's also brand new progress tracker, which adds up your calories burned, grades your dance styles, and displays any trophies you've earnt. Collectibles galore, then.

Hands up if you liked the original Zumba Fitness.

While the single press release that's been released doesn't let much more than that slip, we'll be keeping an ear to the ground for this one. As the winter months draw in, a bit of Zumba Fitness 2 Latin dancing could be just what we need. Colour us interested in seeing what the Wii 2 one has in store, too.

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