Quiz: Can you guess the Just Dance song from a single screen? | Quiz

You might have mastered the moves, but can you remember which video is which?

Quiz Can you guess the Just Dance song from a single screen  Quiz
23rd July, 2020 By Sarah Morris

Whether it's Ubisoft's love of the annual instalment or a sign of the series' enduring appeal, the Just Dance series has seen way more iterations than many expected since its launch on the humble Wii. Known for its sometimes wacky choreographies and fun videos, and with more than a dozen titles under its belt, fans are bound to have fond memories of many of its songs, whether it was a heated dance off to the latest Katy Perry track or a failed attempt at a funny four player dance. But how well can you really remember all your favourite tracks? And can you identify them from a single screen? Take this quiz to find out!

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Guess the Just Dance Song From the Screenshot
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Guess the Just Dance Song From the Screenshot

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Let's start with an easy one - what song is this screenshot taken from?


Katy Perry has done a number of songs for Just Dance - but which one is this the choreography for?


This song is taken from Disney's Moana - but what is the title of the song?


All of these routines had an Egyptian-ish flair - but which song is this screenshot taken from?


This brightly-coloured babe has had a few of her songs featured on Just Dance games - but who is it?

Guess the Just Dance Song From the Screenshot
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