Can you guess the classic Tomb Raider game only by Lara's butt? | Quiz

It may not be her most famous asset, but how much attention were you paying to Ms Croft's early outings?

Can you guess the classic Tomb Raider game only by Laras butt  Quiz
3rd June, 2020 By Sarah Morris

For someone who was supposedly a bit of a sex symbol in the 90s, Lara Croft certainly looks a lot… squarer than we remember. And for someone you only ever really saw from the back, it's surprising how much the adverts, artwork and promo shots focused on her face and chest - but no more! With this quiz, you can test your knowledge of gaming's favourite behind and prove you paid a little too close attention to her posterior - but be warned! It's fiendishly hard! If you get more than 50%, you're doing really well...

A handful of hints:

  • This quiz only covers the classic Tomb Raider games, from the original to Tomb Raider: Chronicles (the 5th game) - none of the reboots are included.

  • Pay close attention to the texture around her backside, as it gets less square and more detailed as the games go on.

  • Her hair also gets longer as you go through the games.

  • The hands go from un-detailed squares to having actual fingers as time goes on.

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Name the Classic Tomb Raider Game from Lara's Butt
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Name the Classic Tomb Raider Game from Lara's Butt

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A lot of work's gone into that butt... But which of the later Tomb Raider games is it from?


Trust Lara to break into Area 51 - but in which Tomb Raider game can this posterior be found?


Even in the early days, Lara had the Midas touch - but which game was this (soon to be) golden gluteus maximus taken from?


Young Lara featured in a few of the later Tomb Raider games, but which of these marked this butt's first appearance?


It's not a tomb, but a sunken shipwreck. Which game was this wetsuit-clad butt taken from?


In which Tomb Raider game did this infamous boss fight take place?


This hot picture was taken in a game which saw Lara returning to Egypt. But which was it?


It didn't take them long to squeeze Lara into a catsuit - but when did she and her butt go exploring the London Underground?


Back to young Lara again with a bit of an eerie butt shot - but which game marked her second series appearance?


Bonus question! We all locked her poor butler in the freezer in Lara's Home - but which game was this butt from?

Name the Classic Tomb Raider Game from Lara's Butt
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