How much do you remember about BioShock, Borderlands and XCOM? | Quiz

Test your 2K knowledge with our themed quiz!

How much do you remember about BioShock Borderlands and XCOM  Quiz
24th July, 2020 By Sarah Morris

With the Switch going from strength to strength, hitting a whopping 55.7 million sales and rapidly approaching NES levels of success, it comes as no surprise that publishers are falling over themselves to get their games on the console - especially those which have never been on a Nintendo console before.

2K are one such publisher that have recently thrown their all behind the Switch, bringing not one, not two, but three collections to the do-all handheld as part of their '2K Loves Switch' promotion. With a line up consisting of a trio of bona fide heavy hitters: BioShock: The Collection (bundling all three games, from BioShock 1 to Infinite), Borderlands Legendary Collection (packing Borderlands: GOTY edition, Borderland 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel), and the XCOM 2 Collection (which squeezes XCOM 2, four DLC packs, and the expansion pack War of the Chosen onto one teeny Switch cartridge), the thundering threesome look like a great way for seasoned fans to replay an old favourite on the go, or for newcomers to dive in and see what all the fuss is about. And it also gave us a handy idea for a themed quiz!

So here's ten question about the 2K titans, BioShock, Borderlands and XCOM. See how much you know, and you could be in with a chance of winning!

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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of BioShock, Borderlands and XCOM
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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of BioShock, Borderlands and XCOM

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BioShock's story is heavily influenced by the philosophy of Objectivism - as found in whose dystopian novel?


Which of these is the chemical substance that allows people to genetically alter their bodies in the first two BioShock games?


We may know the large, diving suit-wearing enemies as Big Daddies, but what pet name are they given by their Little Sisters?


What is the name of the floating city where BioShock: Infinite takes place?


He's a talkative 'bot, but what's the name of this Borderlands series favourite?


What's the name of the planet where Borderlands takes place?


According to Gearbox Software, approximately how many different guns are there in the original Borderlands game?


Which of these organisations collaborates with the aliens in XCOM 2?


What was the name of the first XCOM game, released in 1993?


Which of these is NOT one of the Chosen, an elite class of enemies introduced in the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion?

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of BioShock, Borderlands and XCOM
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