Can you match the old Intellivision games to their Amico remakes? | Quiz

From basic to beautiful, how many games can you pair up?

Can you match the old Intellivision games to their Amico remakes  Quiz
12th June, 2020 By Ian Morris

Although it may not be getting quite the same thunder as the big boys, there's more than two consoles launching towards the end of the year. Weighing in at substantially less than either the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X (and presumably putting less of a dent in your pocket too), the Intellivision Amico is a brand new, family-oriented console that'll be home to both remakes of classic Intellivision and Atari titles, along with a whole host of brand new games designed from the ground up to take advantage of the system, and its funky touch screen controllers.

But this isn't a quiz about the Amico itself. It's about the games. One of the things the recently-reborn Intellivision have been keen to shout about is how they're reimagining old titles, bringing them kicking and screaming from the interlaced CRTs of the 80s into the glorious HD pastures of today. As you'd probably expect, a lot of those games look more than a little bit different to how they used to. But how many can you match up to their former, un-glammed-up selves? We should note not all of the games here are old Intellivision games (a few are from Atari) but that doesn't really make things any easier.

If you want a high bar to aim for, Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico has actually taken the quiz himself. Of course, he aced it with 100% and a score of 4,652 - but it's a score that can be beaten. Will you do it? 10 games, 10 questions, 4 options for each. Good luck.

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Quiz: Intellivision Amico: Then and Now
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Quiz: Quiz: Intellivision Amico: Then and Now icon

Quiz: Intellivision Amico: Then and Now

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At least you know you'll get one right now... What game is this?


And straight to one of the hardest... Which is the original?


It's a game everyone knows... But what did it used to look like?


It's got fishies in. And sharks! But which is the original?


Looks fancy - but what about its first outing?


The sky is falling! It's a lot more impressive than it was in the 80s...


It's a bona fide classic. But how did it used to look?


Well, there's a lot of snow... But which one has the right crispy white stuff?


There's a free demo out of this one - but what is it?


This one's been so redone, it looks nothing like the original. But which is it?

Quiz: Intellivision Amico: Then and Now
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