How many video game-related Star Wars ships can you name? | Quiz

Whether they were made specifically for games, or just appeared there before the films, how many of these gaming Star Wars spacecraft can you identify?

How many video game-related Star Wars ships can you name  Quiz
18th June, 2020 By Ian Morris

We couldn't let EA's announcement of Star Wars: Squadrons pass us by - so here's a quiz that's bound to get your midi-chlorians tingling. With the world abuzz with talk of X-Wings and Tie Fighters, we got thinking about our favourite Star Wars ships - especially those that have a strong link to games. While everyone can identify the Millennium Falcon, there are plenty of weird, wonderful, and inventive craft that were either designed specifically for a game, or which made their debut in a game before they reached the big screen, with designs so unique they'd leave JJ Abrams' crying into his Bantha milk in jealousy.

So, here's our pick of ten of the finest Star Wars creations that have a strong connection to the gaming world. From Rebel Assault through Rogue Leader and Jedi Knight all the way up to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, it's a really eclectic mix of both games and craft - and all you have to do is tell us the name of the ship we're showing you. Seeing as graphics weren't what they used to be back then, this could be tougher than you'd think. Good luck!

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Name the video game related Star Wars ships
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Name the video game related Star Wars ships

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Let's start with a favourite ship from a favourite game. This is from Shadows of the Empire - but what's it called?


There have been a lot of variants of Tie Fighter. But what's this one most commonly known as?


Another classic - this time Star Wars: Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. It's Kyle Katarn's runabout. But what is it?


An odd one from Rogue Squadron now. It's not immediately obvious, but what is it?


One of our favourite Tie designs of all time. But what's it called?


When Jedi Knight's Kyle Katarn had an accident, he had to get a new ship. But what was it called?


Sticking with the same generation, this is from Knights of the Old Republic. Can you remember its name?


Another innovative Tie design - this time from Rebel Assault 2. But what did they dub this three-pronged beast?


And finally - a ship we'd all but forgotten about today. It's the evil Prince Xizor's ship in Shadows of the Empire. But what is it?

Name the video game related Star Wars ships
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