How much can you remember about the Paper Mario series? | Quiz

To celebrate the launch of Paper Mario: The Origami King, why not test your knowledge with a quiz?

How much can you remember about the Paper Mario series  Quiz
27th July, 2020 By Sarah Morris

Ask anyone to name a Nintendo game, and the odds are you'll get plenty of Mario Karts, Mario Bros. and Mario Party batted around, but probably not all that many Paper Marios. Easily one of Nintendo's more underrated gems, the long-running series puts everyone's favourite plucky plumber into a flatter, more story-driven adventure, chock full of witty dialogue and novel battles. And with the sixth entry, Paper Mario: The Origami King having hit the Switch a little over a week ago, it seems like the perfect time to put your Paper Mario knowledge to the test with a bit of a quiz! So why not give it a go below?

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How well do you know Paper Mario?
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How well do you know Paper Mario?

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On what console did the Paper Mario series first appear?


However, Paper Mario wasn't the first time Mario flirted with RPG mechanics - but what was the name of the series' spiritual predecessor?


Generally regarded as the best in the series, what was the subtitle to the Gamecube Paper Mario game, released in 2004?


What is the name of the main antagonist in Super Paper Mario on the Wii, who plans to destroy all the dimensions, and begins by forcefully marrying Princess Peach and Bowser?


Which of these Mario characters has NOT been playable in any of the Paper Mario games?


The Koopa Bros. are a quartet of costumed koopas that crop up periodically throughout Paper Mario's story. But what are they a parody of?


What was the name of the island where Paper Mario: Colour Splash was set?


In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, what does the Frog Suit sticker do when used in battle?


Finally, in Paper Mario: The Origami King, what is the name of the evil King Olly's army of origami minions?

How well do you know Paper Mario?
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