Quiz: How well can you remember Gruntilda's poetry? | Quiz

Celebrate Banjo-Kazooie's anniversary in style - and see if you can finish Gruntilda's rhymes!

Quiz How well can you remember Gruntildas poetry  Quiz
1st July, 2020 By Sarah Morris

Whether you played the original N64 release or one of the myriad remasters in recent years, you're sure to have some fond memories of Rare's Banjo-Kazooie. The perfect blend of platforming and collecting, with a quirky sense of humour to boot, it's easily one of the more iconic games - and with this week marking the anniversary of the original Banjo-Kazooie on the N64, it seems only right that we mark it in some way.

So, here's our touching tribute to one of gaming's most unique villainesses. Though jealousy may have driven her to try to steal Banjo's sister's beauty, it's not her green skin or her charming four teeth that we remember the most about Gruntilda Winkybunion (yes, that is her real surname) - no, it's her flair for poetry. With everything she said in-game being in the form of a rhyme, so we've pulled together 10 of Gruntilda's finest rhyming couplets - all you have to do is tell us which was the actual rap. And we've even put our own Grunty-ism together too.

So now, dear friends, we're reaching the time,
To see if you really know ol' Grunty's rhymes,
Dig through your memory, and take our test,
Challenge your friends, and see who's best!

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Can you finish Grunty's rhymes?
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Can you finish Grunty's rhymes?

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Don't scratch and bite, my little bear. You'll soon need…


Long of tooth and strong of arm, Grunty's got the...


Grunty admits she's a hog, I really need a big hot...


I don't like stairs much in my lair, they always make me…


Can't you get here any faster? Come and fight me, I'm the…


That ugly bear, you feathered freak, is nothing but…


That didn't hurt, I feel no pain, Grunty's back to…


Banjo's game ends in my tower, turn it up, I need…

Can you finish Grunty's rhymes?
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