Can you get 100% on the Toughest FIFA Quiz in the World? | Quiz

Ten FIFA games, just one screenshot - this one's tricky.

Can you get 100 on the Toughest FIFA Quiz in the World  Quiz
26th June, 2020 By Ian Morris

It's been a busy week in football, what with Liverpool winning the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years, and the dust having only really just settled on last week's FIFA 21 reveal. The bona fide champion of the football games, FIFA's certainly one of the very best selling game series of all time - but outside the yearly innovations, how much do you think the beautiful game's changed over the years? Think you can pick out FIFA 99 in a line up?

Well, that's exactly what we're asking you to do. We've got ten screenshots taken from a huge array of FIFA games, from the very first instalment on the Mega Drive/Genesis, through the early Playstation iterations, all the way up to the PS4/Xbox One outings. Where possible, we've included a little fact or hint to try and nudge you in the right direction, but for others you'll be on your own. All you need to do is tell us which yearly iteration we're showing you. Good luck...

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The Toughest FIFA Quiz in the World
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The Toughest FIFA Quiz in the World

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This is where it all began. But if it had a year in the title, what would it have been called?


Taking a bit of a generational leap here - but which FIFA was this?


It was a classic vintage. But which game has this Seaman come from?


The women are coming! But what year did this happen?


Are you even a FIFA fan if you haven't tried it on the Wii? Which year did Wayne become Roon-mii in 8v8 action?


This year's game put the ball in your safe hands. But which is it?


Sheringham scored a stunner! But in which game?


Some odd Geordie worship going on here, but it doesn't matter. All we need is the year.


This was a FIFA game that was quick off the mark. But which one?


And finally... Swish pitch graphics - but from when?

The Toughest FIFA Quiz in the World
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