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With a new game coming soon, why not test your knowledge of one of the coolest space city sims out there?

Quiz How well do you remember Startopia  Quiz
12th August, 2020 By Sarah Morris

Few things make you feel as old as reminiscing about a game you used to play, only to find it came out almost twenty years ago. TWENTY YEARS AGO. One such game is Startopia, a city building game set in outer space that tasked you with creating what was essentially your own interstellar Butlins, complete with everything from toilets to discos, and from fancy gardens to family-friendly 'love nests'. While we were never great at turning a profit, and pretty much every game ended in us being taken over by neighbouring bases who'd spent far more money on defence, and far less on discos, having to cater to a wide variety of alien races definitely made for a compelling game.

So imagine our excitement when we heard the game was due for a remake/sequel, coming later this year, in the form of Spacebase Startopia (and it's coming to consoles too). Giving the tried and tested Startopia formula a new lick of paint, with a whole bunch of new alien races to play with, it's certainly piqued our interest. And what better way to celebrate the new game than with a quiz? Covering both the original and new game, it's the perfect way to test your Startopia knowledge before the launch. Be warned though - before you begin, you may want to check out the Spacebase Startopia announcement trailer, as some of the details may crop up in the questions!

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The Startopia Quiz
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The Startopia Quiz

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The original Startopia was made by Mucky Foot Productions, a company made up of ex-Bullfrog employees. But which of these was NOT a Bullfrog game?


One of Startopia's most iconic aliens, the Greys are generally best-suited to working in which area of the ship?


A bit of a hippie, which of these alien races spent most of their time farming up on the bio deck?


A rather important amenity for your space station, what was the name of the toilet-come-shower building?


What shape is your Startopia space station?


An AI assistant helped you run your base in the original Startopia, and they return for the sequel, Spacebase Startopia - but what is their name?


Which of these robots helpers are responsible for doing the various odd jobs around your space station?


Finally, in the Spacebase Startopia announcement trailer, we're introduced to a new race of aliens known as the Telgor. But what was this particular alien's name?

The Startopia Quiz
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