Which Animal Crossing Character Are You? | Personality Quiz

From Tom Nook to Isabelle, from K.K. Slider to Resetti, find out which Animal Crossing character you're most like in our personality quiz!

Which Animal Crossing Character Are You  Personality Quiz
23rd June, 2020 By Sarah Morris

Though the real stars of Animal Crossing have always been the villagers, there's more characters here than just the ones that move in next door. From the dulcet tones of KK Slider to the ever-helpful Isabelle, banking bandit Tom Nook, or even a certain incredibly angry mole who's a bit of a stickler for saving your game, these are the characters that are always there, whatever the weather - and no matter how long it's been since you last picked up the game. And they, and many more, are all potential outcomes in our quiz.

So if you've ever sat pondering which Animal Crossing NPC you're most like, then worry no more. All you need to do is answer these questions 12, and we'll tell you! If it's Animal Crossing you're into, be sure to check back next week for our Animal Crossing Trivia quiz (and follow us on our social channels below for a handy reminder when it goes live), or head over to the which Animal Crossing Villager type are you quiz to find out what you'd be if you stepped onto Dodo Airlines IRL.

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Which Animal Crossing Character Are You?
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Which Animal Crossing Character Are You?

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Which Animal Crossing Character Are You?
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