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There may be no E3 this year, but that doesn't mean we can't reminisce...

Quiz How many of these E3 moments can you remember  Quiz
24th June, 2020 By Ian Morris

It's E3 month! Or at least, it should be. But while the gaming show of shows may have been called off this year due to things that shall not be named, June gives us a perfect excuse to take a trip down memory lane to the E3s of gaming past - both recent and otherwise.

From the glitzy press conferences to the embarrassing stage demos, E3's always been a bit of meme making machine - but how much of it can you really remember? We've gathered up questions about 11 of the most memorable moments (both positively and otherwise) from past E3s, ranging from the very first show, all the way up to last year's mega event. From Kudo Tsunoda's shoes to Peter Moore's juicy biceps, by way of Tak Fujii's million twoobs and Reggie's body, how many of these legendary E3 moments can you remember? There's only one way to find out - best of luck.

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How many of these E3 moments can you remember?
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How many of these E3 moments can you remember?

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Let's start things easy. When prepping to demo Wii Fit, what did Reggie Fils-Aime famously say his body was?


These four excited bois have become part of meme culture. But what Nintendo game were they so excited about?


1995. The very first E3. SEGA America's CEO drops a bombshell about the upcoming SEGA Saturn. But what was it?


We know it eventually came out in 2011, but which E3 played host to the very first footage of Duke Nukem Forever?


Sony had a disastrous year in 2006 as it unveiled the brand new PS3. But what was its infamous price?


Konami's Tak Fujii had an.... extreeeeeeme presentation style in 2010. But can you remember the game he was rallying the troops about?


Fast-forwarding to better times, what revolutionary idea did Sony take a jab at Microsoft with in video form in 2013?


In 2005, Microsoft were on the offensive. Which of these franchises closed out their show, making its series debut on 360?


Xbox head honcho (now Liverpool CEO) Peter Moore may not look like one for tattoos, but which game release date did he reveal via his inked-up bicep in 2004?


What infamous words did Kinect boss Kudo Tsunoda say to make his Kinect avatar look like this?


And finally... in 2019, Keanu Reeves shocked the crowds by appearing on stage at the end of a Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. But what did he shout to the fans?

How many of these E3 moments can you remember?
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