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We ask silly questions, you get insightful answers - find out which gaming dad you are!

QUIZ Which Gaming Dad Are You  Personality Quiz
17th June, 2018 By Ian Morris

It's Father's Day (at the time of writing) and that can mean only one thing - it's the perfect time to launch our all new quizzes! After all, while the world of gaming may be somewhat lacking in upstanding father figures, who hasn't wondered which gaming patriarch they might be based on the back of a handful of weird and bizarre questions?

So whether your parenting style best matches that of Heavy Rain's Ethan (and for the sake of your offspring, we certainly hope not), or you're a chip off Kratos' old block, why not take the quiz below, and see what our highly tuned psychological analysis has to say about you?

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Which Gaming Dad Are You?
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Which Gaming Dad Are You?

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You've been blessed with a new child. What do you call it?


How would you best describe your child?


You're spending some quality time with your offspring - what are you doing?

Which Gaming Dad Are You?
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