LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack Review: Jake, BMO, Lumpy Space Princess and her Lumpy Car

Join us for a look at the minifigs and abilities of the characters in one of the most creative Team Packs so far.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack Review Jake BMO Lumpy Space Princess and her Lumpy Car
4th November, 2016 By Ian Morris

Adventure Time Team Pack


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Lumpy Space Princess
Adventure Time
Boomerang, Hazard Protection, Mini Access, Rainbow LEGO, Vent Access

While it may seem a little bit of a strange idea to release both a Level Pack, and a Team Pack within a single wave, there is a bit of a reason to the rhyme of LEGO Dimensions' release schedule. Rather than simply offering more of the same, or existing only as a companion piece, this Team Pack more than holds its own, offering a great selection of characters and vehicles - to the point where if you're only looking to buy one Adventure Time pack, there's a convincing argument to be made that this is the one.

While the aforementioned Level Pack bundled Finn, the Jakemobile and an Ancient Pyschic Tandem War Elephant, it's the Team Pack that arguably has more of the show's most recognisable characters, from Game Boy-alike BMO, to dogsbody Jake - a character that's really blown us away, and is easily one of the most creative characters so far.

The Adventure Time Team Pack includes:

  • Minifig: Jake
  • Minifig: Lumpy Space Princess
  • Vehicle: BMO
  • Vehcile: Lumpy car

And gets you access to

  • Adventure Time Adventure World
  • Adventure Time Battle Arena

The Minifigs

The first, and by far the coolest minifig included in this pack is Jake. For those familiar with the TV series, you'll know Jake is a crazily flexible dog-thing and Finn's best friend - but what you might not realise is just how far the team at TT Games have delved into the land of Ooo to make Jake one of the most inventive characters in the game.

LEGO Dimensions Figures Screenshot

The dog himself

In a nutshell, Jake is a man (dog?) of many forms. By holding the circle button (on PS4), you can bring up a wheel that lets Jake transform into a whole host of different forms, each of which is about as ridiculous as the next - and each of which comes with its own set of abilities. There's a drill, which lets Jake do any drilling puzzles; a trampoline, letting you give your friends a leg up; a dolphin, so you can swim underwater; a smaller form, so you can access the midget holes; and even a chuffing gyrosphere, making Jake the first character to be able to use the illusive gyrosphere swiches.

By far the best of them all, though, is the Jake Suit form, which sees Jake transform into a Hulkbuster Iron Man style giant mech. Not only can you smash anything in sight (and use your super strength to tear any orange handles off their hinges), but you can have another character (or another player) ride inside you too.

LEGO Dimensions Screenshot

Voldermort is loving life

At times, it can feel like there's nothing Jake can't do. While we thought Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt had an impressive list of abilities, Jake leaves him in the dust. Plus, you can't use Ethan as a trampoline now, can you?

From his animation through to his immense abilities list, Jake is actually a pretty incredible character, and one you'll want to pick up regardless of whether you're an Adventure Time fan or not. The fact you can essentially turn him into a co-op vehicle, and have your buddy ride along with/inside you - something which has long been a "must have" for LEGO Dimensions - is just the icing on the cake.

Here's Jake's list of abilities in full:

  • Big Transform
  • Dig
  • Dive
  • Drill
  • Drone
  • Grappling
  • Gyrosphere Switches
  • Illumination
  • Mini Access
  • Rope Swing
  • Sonar Smash
  • Super Strength
  • Tracking
  • Vent Access

Lumpy Space Princess

Compared to how incredible Jake is, Lumpy Space Princess (if she is a real she) feels somewhat lacking. While the character feels authentic (she's always grumpy), and the animation again is top notch, she's perhaps a little bit too much on the annoying side. If no-one's playing as her, she'll start singing to herself, and my god does it get annoying fast. If we hear her burst into warbling "These lumps, I know you want to slump, upon these lumps, but you can't 'cause you're a chump. Chuuuuuump" again, we think Lumpy Space Princess will very rapidly find herself going through the window.

On the plus side, Lumpy Space Princess is a really unusual minifig, coming moulded as one piece. She has no legs, so instead sits atop a transparent block, clutching a little LEGO phone (which she's shouting into). As she's a princess, she's also one of the few LEGO Dimensions characters able to interact with rainbow LEGO - previously, the only character that's been able to use rainbow LEGO was other famous Dimensions princess, Princess Unikitty.

Here's Lumpy Space Princess' list of abilities in full:

  • Boomerang
  • Hazard Protection
  • Mini Access
  • Rainbow LEGO
  • Vent Access

The vehicles


Essentially a giant talking Game Boy (only this Game Boy's a girl), BMO is a slightly more complex build than you may imagine for something that's essentially a giant cuboid. However, this isn't complexity for complexity's sake - it's deliberately built in, read for BMO's two transformations. Spend a total of 10 gold bricks, and you'll be able to have BMO transform into DOGMO (a slightly more dog like version that can dig), or SNAKEMO (a really cool figure that genuinely looks like a serpent - and lets her fire lightning bolts).

LEGO Dimensions Figures Screenshot

Although to be honest, we are still slightly unnerved that she has sausages for arms.

LEGO Dimensions Figures Screenshot

How are you meant to do anything with those? We'd just eat ours...

In game, BMO is a little bit uninteresting in her bog standard form - while you can hop on her back to ride her across the land, you can't jump, or really do anything all that special.

Her ace in the hole is her ability to interact with BMO docking stations - random terminals found throughout the Year 2 Adventure Worlds and levels, each of which triggers a retro-style mini-game. In the Adventure Time world, you'll be playing Kompy's Castle - an isometric platformer that asks you to gather three keys to open the door.

LEGO Dimensions Screenshot

Keep an eye out for the BMO docking stations

With so many other characters being loaded with abilities, though, it's a bit disappointing that BMO is the only (current) character who can access the BMO terminals. With so many of them popping up across the Year 2 packs, there's going to be a fair amount of stuff locked off if you don't get this specific pack - something which leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. It's fair enough adding new abilities - but locking them off to one particular character is just an attempt to force people to buy packs they have no interest in. With the ability being so similar to the Midway Arcade machine terminals, it'd be nice if you could use either/or.

Lumpy Car

And finally, we have the pinkest car on wheels, Lumpy Space Princess' Lumpy Car! As you can probably tell from the above, there's a *lot* of pink involved here - although the little starfish on the front is a really nice touch. In game, the car actually has a few tricks up its sleeve, as it can actually jump, giving out a typically rainbow cloud, and fire out of its starfish on the front.

Far more exciting, though, are the Lump Car's rebuilds. 3 gold bricks here will let you transform the car into a Lumpy Truck (if you ask us, it looks more like a Lumpy Hearse than a truck), while a further 7 gold bricks will let you transform into the immense Lumpy Land Whale - a ride on underwater vehicle, complete with a water spout.

LEGO Dimensions Figures Screenshot


With an Adventure Time Level Pack, and Team Pack out now, and a Fun Pack on the way, the team at TT Games have certainly gone all out on the land of Ooo for LEGO Dimensions - but if you ask us, as things stand, this has a slight edge over the level pack. While you won't get the level, you will get a veritable abilities Swiss army knife in the shape of Jake, and the many things he can transform into. As the only pack with anything approaching a co-op vehicle/character at the time of writing, this is well worth a look.

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