The Six Creepiest Pokemon OF ALL TIME

A Ghastly selection of the scariest 'mons for Halloween!

The Six Creepiest Pokemon OF ALL TIME
31st October, 2014 By Sarah Morris

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain - whatever you call it, the 31st October has been 'celebrated' in various forms for centuries. Being the huge wusses we are, we tend to pretend its a day like any other, or we wouldn't be able to sleep a wink. And if you're trying to pretend everything's fine like us - or perhaps even looking for inspiration for a last second Halloween costume - what better way to pass the time than with a list of the creepiest Pokemon of all time. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween and all that.


Elemental Type: Ice/Psychic

Creepy Rating: 3/5

Random Trivia: Jynx was originally a dark brown/black in colour, but after allegations of racism and a potential similarity to the theatrical makeup 'blackface', Game Freak quickly changed it to the purple we know today.

Back in the early days of Pokemon, most of the critters looked like various cartoon animals, but Jynx was different. Jynx was very much a strangely-coloured human. And many of her moves seem to focus on its ability to seduce and manipulate its prey - she can put you to sleep with a 'Lovely Kiss', rouse you with a 'Wake Up Slap', drain your special defence with some 'Fake Tears' or sing her 'Perish Song' to make you faint three turns later. And, if you want to go the innuendo route, she also learns 'Pound', 'Lick' and 'Wring Out' too.

Mr. Mime

Elemental Type: Psychic/Fairy

Creepy Rating: 4/5

Random Trivia: Despite the 'Mr.' honorific, roughly 50% of Mr. Mimes are female.

We remember the first time we encountered a Mr. Mime. It was on our first Pokemon game - Pokemon Pearl - and we'd been happily running around Sinnoh with our recently captured Mime Jr., who we'd decided was cute enough to keep around for a while. After an ill-fated battle with a particular Rich Boy Jason, we found our Mime Jr. evolving into the horror you see above - a cross between a mime, a clown and the devil himself. He's the sort of demented children's entertainer who'd lure you to his basement, then use his special ability to conjure up invisible walls to keep you there forever... Creepy.


Elemental Type: Ghost

Creepy Rating: 3/5

Random Trivia: Cofagrigus' pre-evolution Yamask is a wandering spirit of a dead human, which carries a mask of it's face back then. If someone wears the mask, they become possessed by the Pokemon.

Known as the 'Coffin Pokemon', Cofagrigus looks like he's fresh out of the freaky factory. According to Poke-legend, they like to swallow anyone that gets too close to them, turning them into mummies. What happens then though, no-one's dared to find out. Can each Cofagrigus only hold one victim? Is he built like a TARDIS, with infinite space for mummies? Does he secrete each one somewhere, ready to make an archaeologists day? No-one knows... But when he's not busy chowing down on the latest fool-hardy grave robber, Cofagrigus is busy stuffing his face with half a dozen gold nuggets - his other favourite snack.


Elemental Type: Rock/Steel

Creepy Rating: 2/5

Random Trivia: In Pokemon Black and White, you cannot trade a Probopass without a nickname, because the censors class it as 'offensive' as it contains the word 'ass'.

Probopass is essentially a giant Easter Island head, with some serious nasal hair issues. Apparently thanks to exuding such a strong magnetic force, it can control three smaller 'Mini Noses', like it's own personal army, with each miniature pointing towards the East, West and South respectively. The main nose itself always points North, which we imagine gets rather awkward when Probopass wants to go round corners. But what's scarier is the potentially catastrophic effect Probopass could have on it's Pokemon trainer's electrical appliances with all that pent up magnetism...


Elemental Type: Rock/Water

Creepy Rating: 5/5

Random Trivia: Barbaracle and it's pre-evolution Binacle seem to both be based on the goose barnacle, a type of crustacean that clings to rocks in the sea atop long stalks.

This one's the stuff of nightmares. Each of its appendages has its own eye and brain, and all of them have one thing on their minds - your demise. If that's not enough, he could also tear you apart with his face if he felt like it, which just so happens to be a massive clawed hand. Give him the move 'Shell Smash' to boost his attack and speed, and everyone who opposes you will die instantly, or at least by the time your next turn comes around. Unless they're a grass type, in which case he's dead meat. But no-one's perfect. Basically, he's one big badass, with faces that only a mother could love.


Elemental Type: Electric

Creepy Rating: 5/5

Random Trivia: Eelektross and it's pre-volutions are the only Pokemon in existence with no weaknesses, thanks to it's special ability Levitate, which makes it immune to all Ground-type attacks.

A cross between a leech, parasitic worm and an electric eel, Eelektross isn't the sort of Pokemon you'd like to meet in a dark alley. Generally sea dwelling, it crawls ashore in search of prey, latching on to it's poor victim with those fangs, before dragging them beneath the waves to eat it - but not before sending a massive jolt of electricity through their poor drowning body. Also, it's almost a foot taller than your average man, and while they've never specified what its diet consists of, we wouldn't rule out people...


We should probably note we don't recommend using the following list as a Pokemon team - not only will putting these six mon's onto the same team make a child with no eyes and blood all over his face appear at your bedside and murder you in your sleep unless you put 12 Magikarps called Brian up for trade within the hour, it's also a terrible combination of Pokemon types. In particular, having two Rock types on your team introduces way too many weaknesses to be viable, taking damage from Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water moves.

So there you have it folks - six of the scariest 'mons going. Happy Halloween!

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