Mario and Luigi: Dream Team coming to 3DS

The brother's newest adventure to grace your dreams this summer.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team coming to 3DS
14th February, 2013 By Ian Winstanley

Ask anyone who owns a DS, and the chances are they'll speak fondly of the Mario and Luigi games. A series of Mushroom Kingdom themed role playing games, the Mario and Luigi games blend comedy, a well written story, and turn-based battles to devastating effect, producing a series that deserves to be pride of place in everyone's collection. And today, Nintendo announced that everyone's favourite plumber solving, goomba stomping brothers will be making their way back onto Nintendo's handheld later this summer.

In the new game, titled Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, you'll enter into a mysterious dream world (OK, not that mysterious - it's Luigi's dreams you're sucked into), where you'll encounter all manner of bizarre happenings inside the green-loving brother's brain. Once you've entered a dream, you'll find yourself in a 2D platforming style game mode, similar to the last title, 'Bowser's Inside Story'. 

Mario and Luigi Dream Team Screenshot

Being a dream, Luigi can jump in at any time to help you out in battles.

In an interesting twist, players will be able to interact with Luigi while he snoozes, and affect the dream world Mario finds himself in; for instance, you can use the stylus to pull his moustache, which may cause a platform inside his dreams to change direction, letting you reach an area that was previously inaccessible. While Mario seems to fight alone in the turn based battles inside Luigi's dreams, help is never far away, as Luigi can jump in and help out with the attacks - one instance sees a group of blurred motion Luigis fall behind Mario onto foes, while another example has Mario direct a stampede of Luigis across the screen, mercilessly crushing enemies that are in the green army's way. We imagine you won't be needing Super Stars to help you out on this quest when you've got this entourage to help you out!

In terms of the storyline, things are otherwise sadly light on the ground, although we're expecting more info soon. The game should be arriving on Nintendo 3DS this summer, just in time for those long summer nights where you can relax and enjoy some dream adventuring... just make sure your dream catcher is close by and in good condition, in case you have the 3D on!

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