Pokemon 3DS coming?

Scans of a japanese magazine suggest the mons could soon be hitting the 3DS.

Pokemon 3DS coming
3rd May, 2011 By Sarah Morris

Ever since the 3DS's release, Poke-fans around the world have been clamouring to find out the first details about the loveable Mons' first outing in real, jumping-out-of-the-screen 3D - and, if some incredibly blurry magazine scans are anything to go by, we could be finding out sooner rather than later.

We really need to get round to learning Japanese...

Rather than being an entirely new Pokemon game, the screens would appear to show that the game may be a remake of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, which was released on the GameCube towards the end of the console's life. The game was, and still is the closest Nintendo have ever come to producing a proper Pokemon role-playing experience on a home console, and was both a commercial and critical success.

Playing as a character initially named Michael (although you can change his name if you want), you set out on an adventure in the region of Orra, where a criminal gang, known as Cipher, have been imprisoning the hearts of Pokemon, turning them into what become known as Shadow Pokemon - fighting machines who sometimes refuse to obey trainers other than Cipher. Starting out with your trusty sidekick, a Pokemon called Eevee, it's up to you to "snag" the shadow pokemon, free their hearts, and return them to their normal selves, thus saving the land of Orra.

As someone who never got to play this the first time round, I'd be happy with a remake - although it's equally plausible that this could just be a third game in the Pokemon Colosseum series. Either way, it looks like a Pokemon game of some sort will definitely be heading to a 3DS near you soon - we'll bring you more as we get it.

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