StarFox 64 3D gets UK release date

Space shooter reimagining out in September

StarFox 64 3D gets UK release date
27th June, 2011 By Ian Morris

With Nintendo's latest remake, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D currently lighting up the charts, the Japanese gaming giant have announced the release date for their next N64 remake, Star Fox 64 3D. 

"Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!"

Hitting shelves across the UK and Europe on the 9th of September (some two days earlier than in America), Star Fox 64 3D is a 3DS remake of the somewhat infamous N64 game. Known almost as much for its hilariously cheesy voice acting as it was its frantic, but fun gameplay, Starfox quickly became iconic in its own right, to the point that we still - regularly - quote the game and its bosses to this day. It's a 3DS game you'll want to be playing with the sound up, as the rubbish taunts the bosses throw at you are part of the fun.

Although the graphics have been improved over the original 14 year old game, the majority of the gameplay will stay the same, as you step into the shoes of the hotshot space pilot, Fox McCloud, who's actually a fox. Flying alongside your team of other animals-who-can-somehow-fly-space-ships, Peppy Hare, Falco, and Slippy the Toad, you'll fly around the levels, not having to worry about stalling, or even really your direction, as the on-the-rails design dictates your path through the level, meaning "all" you have to do is to dodge the buildings, enemies, and bosses as you blast your way through each level. The better you do, the harder the levels you'll unlock, with the game branching to suit your performance.

The 3DS version brings with it a number of adjustments to the game, including the brilliant sounding multiplayer mode, which lets you and three friends duke it out in the skies (or space) in a dog (or fox) fight. Using the 3DS's internal camera, you'll be getting a live feed of your opponent's face and reactions during the battle - and they'll be seeing yours - letting you pin-point the exact moment when you crush their dreams. To help make the game more accessible for new players, and those who simply can't get the hang of games like this (like our very own Sarah), Star Fox 64 3D is also fully playable using tilt controls to pilot your Arwing, rather than having to rely on your analogue stick skills with the 3DS's circle pad.

Whether this means Sarah will finally be able to finish a level without losing two thirds of her lives remains to be seen. We're looking forward to September already, where we'll be able to try it out for ourselves.

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