Zelda Hyrule Warriors 3D leaked online

Koei Tecmo accidentally leaks images proving Hyrule Warriors will soon be heading to the 3DS!

Zelda Hyrule Warriors 3D leaked online
11th June, 2015 By Anna Williams

Whoops. Seems Koei Tecmo, the developers behind last year's smash hit Wii U crossover hack and slash adventure, Zelda: Hyrule Warriors, dropped the ball there. In a slight cock up of an announcement that was likely being saved for the great reveal-fest that is E3 (it's just four days away, folks), it's been inadvertently revealed that series developers Omega Force are developing a 3DS version of the recently released (and well received) Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors mash-up, Hyrule Warriors.

Taking some of the most well known characters from the famous Nintendo adventures (Link, Princess Zelda, Sheik, and even Tingle), before pitting them against hundreds/thousands of troops in a conquest for battlefield dominance, Hyrule Warriors stripped the story out of Zelda, and gave it a more action themed flair, much in the same manner as the niche-over-here-but-big-in-Japan Samurai/Dynasty Warriors series. A success on the Wii U, possibly by virtue of being one of only a handful of Nintendo games released for the console last year, it seems Nintendo are keen to capitalise on the game's success, as they're now set to release a special 3DS version at some point in the near future - announced by way of the newly leaked trailer.

Confirming that the crossover will be heading to the 3DS (and that's all 3DSs, not just the new 3DS) if we are to trust the details of the video, it seems the 3DS instalment will also come with a wide range of upgrades and additions, including a few new characters from the best Zelda game, Wind Waker - including lady pirate Tetra, and the King of Red Lions, who'll be battling... in boat form! A boat, fighting on the battlefield? Only in a Nintendo game...

The trailer was quickly removed from the channel - but not before the internet got their hands on it and spread it wherever they could. The debate lies on whether this leak was a purposeful marketing ploy, or a simple miss-click of an upload button. But either way, we've got one heck of a great game on the horizon. Hyrule here we come! 

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